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Anime Review: Bakuman [Episode 1 – 3]

After a couple of weeks of hectic school life, I seriously began to realise why I couldn’t recall my October events. They are because of exams and projects deadlines that killed the memories if any could linger in my mind. Back to the review, I’m chasing the manga while watching Season 2, that meant I already knew how this season was going to progress. It spoil the story but I won’t be the spoiler. So no worries!

Episode 1 – 「Silence and Party」・「ちんもくとうたげ」・「沈黙と宴」
The main story focus on the party whereby new characters are introduced! *champagnes pop*
Season 1 had too much focus on Ashirogi Muto that the side characters are REALLY side, they deserve more love!

Hiramaru, his had an interesting characteristic, the person who doesn’t have knowledge of manga and go by his decision to become a mangaka thinking that he would earn more than a normal office job. This also focuses that mangaka worked 24/7, as they have to rush deadlines on their drawings and had the same time come up with story drafts.
Than there was the speech given by Torishima the chief editor. Unique speeches and lovely quotes were said in that short time frame which I say gives it a nice edge.

The sub-main focuses on the introduction of Miura as their new editor and with Hattori leaving.
Miura had a very dynamic form of gesture, even his language, which would really leave people in doubt about him. He doesn’t appear like his age, and wish to act like a senior when he haven’t got enough experience.
The beginning Ashirogi Muto’s learning the harsh truth of the reality, whereby you don’t to choose who you want to work with, but whom you gotten.

Episode 2 – 「Anthology and Photograph Collection」・「ぶんしゅとしゃしんしゅ」・ 「文集と写真集」
The main story focus was back to MashiroXMiho again.

Miho causes slight hiccups which ends improving their relationship.

The sub-main focuses on Ashirogi Muto’s assistants. It was more of the view of the assistants, one of them was like after retaining the position of “assistant” for 10 years, one probably never even dreamed of going back to aiming for mangaka. The state whereby we realise the unreachable in reality. Another was, being an assistant and blindly hoping to catch a “fish” and get married living happily with a mangaka, since the person have interest in manga but wasn’t motivated to become a mangaka. Sad I would say, to never reach for a dream. But wouldn’t that leaves another ponder for us? 🙂 The third, was the normal, hardworking assistant aiming to become a mangaka – the aspire. And the aspire wouldn’t mingle with the the other two whose goals are inline with his.

Episode 3 – 「Window and Snow」・「まどとゆき」・「窓と雪」
The main story focus was Aoki and Nakai.
A mangaka’s perseverance so that they are allowed to own a published work is a long journey whereby, no matter the skilfulness of the mangaka, if you score a zero for story plot. Your OVER. But a story writer can continue ahead, choosing the mangaka they wishes to work with.

Aoki’s dilemma between Koogy (recognisable person) or Nakai (relative unknown person).

The person who earns his spot by proving his determination over the other person who uses emotive words to persuade the lady.

The person who touches the lady’s heart wins with the genuinity of his work.

The sub-main story focus on Ashirogi Muto, the start of the initial realization of their editor’s capability – “the less thoughtful opinion” Miura. When they realise “Trap” position in the survey. This story was further elaborated in Episode 4 which I’ll continue in the next post. Till then!


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