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Anime Review: Bakuman [Episode 4]

Episode 4 – 「Support and Patience」・「テコとがまん」・「テコと我慢」
being rewarded with candy changes a person’s appeal immediately keke

The people who are have the patience are getting their rewards! The main story is the continued of Episode 3, whereby the announcement of Aoki and Fukuda will be getting their comic debut!

I would say, until the fourth episode, one of the least amount screentime yet not capturing much of the impact would be Fukuda. Hopes that there would be more of him.

And hilarious Hiramaru went over to Eiji’s home attempting to escape from his editor. The scene was totally hilarious, leave the peak of the episode for Hiramaru.

Even wacky Eiji could would get a “jump” with sudden attacks from Hiramaru. Ironically, Eiji was always the one whose behaviour would give shocks to the others.

The sub-main story would generally fall to Ashirogi Muto, where their trust for Miura was deminishing when, everytime he blurt out the rankings to them and his terrible knowledge on manga – which required him to seek help from the other editors. The initial part of the episode showed the distrust, during the middle Miura seeking assistance. Funny part was, Eiji’s editor and Hiramura’s editor are the one having conflict in their manga direction on the question pose by Miura, eventhough Eiji and Hiramura are like BFFs. Hattori was worried for Ashirogi Muto but kept his silence. In the end, it was Saiko would cleared his head earlier than Shujin, clearing the mess created by themselves. And giving Miura a “phew” and “thanks for giving me all this trouble” happiness look now that the case was solved. Miura is such a “happy-go-lucky” person…

Hope you enjoyed my review was again, and I’m satisfied with writing. Happiness with Eiji time.


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