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Anime Review: Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing [Episode 1]

I was extremely delighted to learnt that Last Exile was going to be broadcasted at my local TV, that I decided I’m definitely chasing the anime from there. I still could remember the first time I watch this the old series Last Exile (2003), I had also watched it from my local TV. The graphics are simply fantastic! I love the works from Range Murata’s works, and very glad he’s doing this series again! (the production team consist of the same directors too!)

Dio, my favourite character since the old series. Was hype knowing he would be in this new series.

Episode 1 – 「Open File」
The main story was the start of Ades Federation declaring war, breaking the naive idea by the Turian Kingdom (owning a sacred place). Kingdom and the Federal was supposed to do the Holy Land peace treaty.
The “older Princess” Liliana began fighting the sudden declaration of war by the Federal President Rusukinia Adesu though.

The sky pirates (Fam, Dio and the gang) strives to save Turian Kingdom. The attacks begins while the princess were on the way back. Allowing Fam to make communications and deals with Liliana of Turian Kingdom and her ship. Liliana had made swift decisions despites her younger sister Millia’s objections. Fam was able to capture beautifully to induce the opponent to the point of planned battleship! The CG animations was really skillfully done (I even wish its 3D now), nothing less I could expect from this series, the detailed work of the ships, the attacks between ships, the operation of the ships. I love watching those CGs additionally to the characters.

The sub main story was showing how the way both the princess treasured their kingdom in the sacred lake and a brief past memory of “falling” that Liliana had. Liliana prayer for the people of Grand Lake in the Holy Land. Princess Milia admired Liliana, Milia has a lively characteristic contrast to her sister. Ades Federation’s Luscinia’s character was shown slightly when he answered his soldier a question, and have the behaviour of touching his bracelet.

Till the next post for the review!

Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing Same day as Japan on Animax Starting Oct 15, Every Sat, 8pm

Catch more information of Last over here


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