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Animusic Review: Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing [Ending Song – Starboard]

The ending theme titled “Starboard” by Hitomi Kuroishi (黒石ひとみ).

Simply an aesthetic piece of work. The beautiful of the pv, and the voice. Currently, only the TV size of this song is available, than again it should not demoralise you from listening! I was already flailing over the opening theme song, the ending was equally great! Interesting thing was Hitomi had been incharge with the first series ending theme too!!!

おんなじ悲しみ おんなじ空気も

One day I want to take
all the tears of your palm
The same sadness, the same air
I want to share with you
Now depart from scratch
Toward where you did not hesitate to

once again, loving a particular portion of the song again. Lyrics may have slight errors as it was based on my listening skills.

Unfortunately we’ll have to have till 14th December for the full release of the song (when the OST is release)…

Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing Same day as Japan on Animax Starting Oct 15, Every Sat, 8pm

Catch more information of Last over here


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