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Animusic Review: Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing [Opening Song – Buddy]

The opening theme titled “Buddy” by Sakamoto Maaya (坂本真綾).

Could simply just rewatch the opening, and I wouldn’t get bored. The opening had an equal amount of CGs that I could just stare for, and arrangement of this song is suits very well with Last Exile theme as the song merges so nicely. It makes both watching and hearing a luxury.  She have a youtube as well, over here in case you guys didn’t know.

はばたくたび 気づかされる
それでも飛び立つなら 未開の領域へ きみと
きみの翼になる 私が

Every time I fly, it makes me realize
that there’s a sky I can’t ever meet again
Nevertheless, if you’re still going to take off,
I’ll go to unexplored territories with you,
I’ll become your wings

Loving this portion of the song the most.

The Full PV (now that it is being released to the public)


Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing Same day as Japan on Animax Starting Oct 15, Every Sat, 8pm

Catch more information of Last over here


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