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Anime Review: Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing [Episode 2]

Episode 2 – 「Fool’s mate」

The main story was the capturing of Liliana and the process of Fam with the intention to save Liliana but fail.
Capital of the Kingdom of Turan faces Igurashia as the War has begun. Princess Liliana was taken by the federal during an interception in during the battle.

We’ll be seeing many emotions of Millia as she was forced to deliver a war strategy to the King while Liliana stays for the battle. It is like a suicidal battle. There was a negotiation trade – with ore and 40 tons of wheat, right to trade freely in the territory two years Turan, made between Liliana and Atamora Collette leader – Pam’s father, Liliana and Fam about renaming of the ship.

Turan is in the midst of evacuating its people from the war. Milia meets her father the king Turan to pass the strategy from Liliana. The content of the letter is to defend the Homeland, but by evacuating the people – it’s kinda contridicting in my opinion – guess I need more episodes to solve the question.

The king insist Milia must survive and remove the ring by handing to Fam as her reward to send Milia to the far side of Turan. The King remained in the kingdom and as he said it was his responsibility as the king and to see the end with his fate
Once again, Milia was torned with feelings, as she was unwilling to part from her father.

The interesting part in my opinion was the battle strategy which was filled with intense fights. As the Liliana’s ship was supposed to pierce the tooth impeller (main ship) but was intercepted. As Dio went to see fallen soldiers.

Fam was on the way to take refuge with Milia onboard but with Dio explaining that Liliana being taken away, Milia cried begging to rescue Liliana. Fam couldn’t refuse and they went immediate towards the tooth impeller. Once again, we’re treated to beautiful scenes of the insides of the tooth impeller’s body parts.


Fam and Milia went straight ahead – pointing the gun at Luscinia for the release of Liliana, but Luscinia began to divert the topic explaining about Exile and its people. Liliana was brought out from her captive location, Luscinia recited a couple phrases. The next second, one of the Exile pieces fall from the universe with Liliana growth in blue light, by launching the Exile, attacks was directly made on Turan. The Exile’s defense system fires, which destroyed the tentacles with the king of Turan. The blue light shone from Liliana made Gisele, Fam and Milia stunned but had enough time to wake up and flee.

Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing Same day as Japan on Animax Starting Oct 15, Every Sat, 8pm

Catch more information of Last over here


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