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Anime Review: Persona 4 [Episode 1]

Episode 1 – 「You’re myself, I’m yourself」

I wondered if the abrupt starting introduction of the Velvet Room would confuse those who never played this game. Although I myself love the mystery aura it always game alike to the original game. This anime walks through days within minutes, so it may be a little confusing. Igor’s assistant is Margaret (was hoping for Theodore)..

Where dreams and reality, between spirit and matter where
Originally, only those who fulfilled the visiting room in the form of any contract
To you, and may have a future ahead near those

Statistics of Narukami
His initial personality would evolves as the story deepen. Before the CM cuts, we’ll get to see the “status screen” of Narukami starting off with his Courage, Diligence, Expression, Knowledge, and Understanding levels at minimum, exactly like the game!

The main story, Narukami moves to the countryside to live with his uncle and cousin for a year. He attends Yasogami High, where he made his first new friend Yosuke. The first mystery incident happened, the dead body stuck on the antenna on the roof. Mayonaka TV is the key item in this series, as only people who are watching the TV screen alone would be able to see their “destiny”. Narukami watched, to find senior student Konishi in the TV.


The sub-main story focus on the location of Junes the electronic shop, where the TV that enable them to enter to the other portal was located at. The mystery enka poster appeared both in Junes and in RL which makes Narukami wonders. And the epic battles with the personas which is more detailed as compared to the game. It’s intense!

It ends with him defeating his “persona” self, acknowledging the other self of him.

Do watch the anime if your  free.


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2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Persona 4 [Episode 1]

  1. Catharsis Cat on said:

    It sounds pretty cool that the main characters social stats are referenced in the anime. I wonder if the anime will show when they increase as well?

    I definitely have to check this anime since Persona 4 is my favorite video game.

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