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Animusic Review: Bakuman Season 2 [Opening Song – Dream of Life]

The opening theme titled “Dream of Life” by Ito Shohei (伊藤祥平).

His talented! The way he played his guitar alongside singing is sleek. Really glad that he got his debut single! His blog and his youtube in case your interested. It would be great if his guitar skills was in place in this song as well though…


Anime Review: Bakuman [Episode 4]

Episode 4 – 「Support and Patience」・「テコとがまん」・「テコと我慢」
being rewarded with candy changes a person’s appeal immediately keke

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Anime Review: Bakuman [Episode 1 – 3]

After a couple of weeks of hectic school life, I seriously began to realise why I couldn’t recall my October events. They are because of exams and projects deadlines that killed the memories if any could linger in my mind. Back to the review, I’m chasing the manga while watching Season 2, that meant I already knew how this season was going to progress. It spoil the story but I won’t be the spoiler. So no worries!

Episode 1 – 「Silence and Party」・「ちんもくとうたげ」・「沈黙と宴」
The main story focus on the party whereby new characters are introduced! *champagnes pop*
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Animes in this Autumn is a double twins plus one trouble!

As much as I realise final sememster exams are less than a month away, the releases of this season’s animes catches my attention too much!!

Double of twins = (2 X 2) + 1 = 5 animes to be watched!

Firstly, it would be my favourite manga illustrator (Takeshi Obata)’s work – Bakuman having a Season 2.
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Goods: Bakuman Gashapon Mascot Phone Strap: Takagi Akito

the main focus isn’t Eiji
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Goods: Bakuman Trading Figures

I’m totally delighted to get my favourite character Eiji. Superhero Legend is a bonus.

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