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Book Review: House of Night, #3 Chosen by P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast

I’ve finally found time to finish the fifth book, and heading for the sixth book at the moment! Right now, I’m writing the review for book #3, I’m lagging behind for my reviews…

I find it unfair how, my friend actually started with “Betrayed” instead of “Marked” because she couldn’t find “Marked” in the library, and is already reading ahead of me!
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Book Review: Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

I stumbled by the first book of the series at the recommended “Young Adult” section during the beginning of the 2nd week of August. And have finally chased from #1 book to #3 book of the series.

It’ll be a really long post since it’s going to be a 3 books review!
My overall thoughts is that, this series is better off being a script for a movie series would be a kick-off.

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