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Anime Review: Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing [Episode 2]

Episode 2 – 「Fool’s mate」

The main story was the capturing of Liliana and the process of Fam with the intention to save Liliana but fail.
Capital of the Kingdom of Turan faces Igurashia as the War has begun. Princess Liliana was taken by the federal during an interception in during the battle.

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Animusic Review: Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing [Ending Song – Starboard]

The ending theme titled “Starboard” by Hitomi Kuroishi (黒石ひとみ).

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Animusic Review: Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing [Opening Song – Buddy]

The opening theme titled “Buddy” by Sakamoto Maaya (坂本真綾).

Could simply just rewatch the opening, and I wouldn’t get bored. The opening had an equal amount of CGs that I could just stare for, and arrangement of this song is suits very well with Last Exile theme as the song merges so nicely. It makes both watching and hearing a luxury.  She have a youtube as well, over here in case you guys didn’t know.
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Anime Review: Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing [Episode 1]

I was extremely delighted to learnt that Last Exile was going to be broadcasted at my local TV, that I decided I’m definitely chasing the anime from there. I still could remember the first time I watch this the old series Last Exile (2003), I had also watched it from my local TV. The graphics are simply fantastic! I love the works from Range Murata’s works, and very glad he’s doing this series again! (the production team consist of the same directors too!)

Dio, my favourite character since the old series. Was hype knowing he would be in this new series.

Episode 1 – 「Open File」
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Animes in this Autumn is a double twins plus one trouble!

As much as I realise final sememster exams are less than a month away, the releases of this season’s animes catches my attention too much!!

Double of twins = (2 X 2) + 1 = 5 animes to be watched!

Firstly, it would be my favourite manga illustrator (Takeshi Obata)’s work – Bakuman having a Season 2.
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